Commercial Insurance protects your business

D Zone Insurance Services can offer a commercial insurance policy to protect your business as it grows. With insurance coverage against loss or damage to your property, employees, and assets.

D Zone Insurance Services offers commercial insurance options designed to cover your business in case of employee injury, accidents and many natural disasters, including coverage for property damage, legal liability, business auto, employee-related risks and loss prevention to name a few.

We can help insure your business with the right policy

As you consider your coverage needs, it's helpful to know the kind of claims General and Professional Liability Insurance safeguards your contracting or construction business against

Construction and contracting occupations involve some of the most diverse and risky work. Some contractors and construction businesses have storefronts that clients can visit, and if clients get hurt on the property, their medical bills could become the business's responsibility. Others install drywall or kitchen cabinets in homes and could be held liable for the products that cause physical harm.

Contracting and construction business owners rely on General Liability Insurance to address these risks. This type of contractors insurance can offer lawsuit coverage for accidents, injuries, and some work mistakes. That protection can be invaluable in helping your small contracting business survive an otherwise expensive setback.

Professional liability insurance is a malpractice insurance that covers lawsuits regrading Failure to deliver promised services, Negligence in providing professional services, Incomplete work and Errors and oversights.

Nearly every state requires businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect them and their employees if a workplace accident occurs.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits, such as medical care and compensation for lost income, to employees who suffer an occupational disease or accidental injury while at work.

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage is necessary regardless of fault — an injured employee need not sue you in order to obtain benefits. Moreover, an injured worker is generally eligible for benefits even if his or her negligence contributed to the injury.

Property Insurance is designed to safeguard your construction and contracting business from the missed opportunities when fire, theft, or vandalism destroys your equipment.

Property Insurance policies protect construction and contracting businesses by covering physical damage or loss of their and others' property. Property Insurance offers security when it comes to covering your construction or contracting business space, materials, inventory, and other business assets (including others' property while it is in your care). The most common property claims include fire in areas where materials are stored as well as theft of tools, equipment, or high-value materials. Some construction property policies also cover business property in transit or at a jobsite.

At D Zone Insurance, we know time is of the essence for contractors and construction professionals and that every day without your equipment amounts to lost revenue. We make it easy for your business to get the protection your assets need so you can get back to work quickly.