Health Insurance

Since injury and health are unpredictable events, it is difficult to know if you have sufficient health insurance coverage. However, you can use your health history and lifestyle habits as a past performance indicator to determine your future needs.

If you frequent the doctor’s office with every runny nose or have a chronic condition that requires routine visits, then you probably want to find insurance that covers office visits.

If you have been to the doctor twice in 20 years you may decide to chance catastrophic only insurance. Likewise, if you live a life of adventure and are an adrenaline chaser, then you may need insurance that covers trips to the Emergency Room as well as the doctor’s office!

Premiums and benefits vary with each plan, typically with more benefits resulting in higher premiums. This is where knowing your lifestyle and health history can help reduce the cost of your insurance plan. The more coverage you can afford, the better the plan you can have, but you at least need to be sure your basic minimum needs are covered.