Stressed woman in car accident

8 Steps to Follow When You’re in a Car Accident

God forbid, but if you ever get into a car accident, there are few integral steps that you may want to follow to ensure everyone’s safety, obey the law and get the insurance claim process started.

Stressed Woman in a Car Accident

The Insurance Information Institute (III) suggests the following necessary steps to help guide you to make critical decisions if you have been in a car crash, no matter if you were at fault or not for the accident.

If you’re concerned and want to learn about what to do after a car accident, you are in the right place to get the basic necessary information to tackle the situation effectively.

1. Pull-Off in A Safe Space

The first step to take after a car accident is to pull the vehicle to the side of the road. Take extra caution if the crash was triggered by road rage to ensure other drivers’ safety. The Nevada Law makes it obligatory for drivers to move to a safe place in case of an accident. 

2. Assess Potential Injuries

Check yourself and others for any possible injuries. Immediately dial 911 if anyone is injured. Kansas law requires drivers to assist anyone who needs medical help after the accident.

3. Assess Car Damage

Once everyone’s safety is ensured, determine car damage and, if possible, take pictures. 

4. Don’t Leave the Accident Scene

If you crash into an unattended vehicle, try searching for the owner. If that’s not possible, leave a note with essential contact details. Also, take down details of the accident, including the car model and location of the crash. 

The Missouri law states that the driver must inform the police if the parked vehicle owner cannot be reached immediately. Moreover, as per California law, a hit and run scenario, can lead to a fine of up to $10,000 or serve one year or more in jail if someone is seriously injured. 

5. Collect Information

The California law orders the driver to document as much information as possible related to the accident. For instance, the contact information of everyone involved in the accident, including the witnesses, asks drivers for insurance ID cards, license, car registration, and car model.  

man in car accident

6. Alert Local Authority

Inform the police regarding the accident, especially if anyone is injured. Record names ad badge details of the attending officers and ask for a copy of their accident report. 

One of the legal duties imposed by the Nevada Law is to report the incident to DMV in case the police have not reported it. Failure to do so can result in a monetary fine. 

7. File an Accident Report

In case law enforcement is unavailable, head to the nearest police station and file for an incident report. An official report can come in handy if the other party decides to sue for medical injuries or damages. Moreover, the report is a necessary document for claiming insurance. 

According to Texas Law, the drivers involved in the accident have to file a report within ten days if there were any injuries or property damage worth or more than $1000. 

8. Initiate Insurance Claim Process

Inform your insurance representative about the crash as soon as possible. Kansas is a no-fault insurance state, which means that both parties must claim for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage no matter whose fault it is. 

The End Note

Encountering a car accident can frazzle even the most seasoned drivers. D Zone Insurance is here to assist you. We specialize in finding car insurance to fit your needs in California, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas.